creativity — June 18, 2012 at 6:51 pm

Storytelling, Creativity and Decision-Making


“The fundamental key to the creative process is decision-making,” says composer Chris McHale in this online research interview conducted by Smarter Storytelling.

“You don’t wait for inspiration,” he continues. “You just go.”

Through a process of generating ideas, rearranging those ideas and then culling them, McHale describes a dynamic and interative creative process in which “the concept is eventually revealed.”

“And the concept is the core truth of any creative piece of work.”

This video was created for The Creative Organization, a company we sponsor to help organizations think and act more creatively. It’s essentially a one-and-one-half minute distillation of the creative method presented in The Creative Organization’s “Make a Mess” seminar and workshop.

This online market research interview, and the Strategic Documentary that resulted from it, is especially timely considering the amount of attention now being paid to creativity in corporate circles as evidenced by  Jonah Lehrer’s 2012 article on creativity  for The Wall Street Journal.

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