About Smarter Storytelling

strategicdocumentaries.com smarter storytelling welcomeSmarter Storytelling is the blog of smarterstorytelling.com, a New York based company that helps brands, both corporate and personal, uncover their stories and help tell them more effectively.

Smarter Storytelling is devoted to storytelling in all its forms, with an emphasis on storytelling as it applies to brands, marketing and corporate communications.

We’ll Help You Tell Better Stories

Our aim is to provide you with ideas, approaches and techniques to help you tell your stories more effectively.

We’ll be exploring stories told in words, in video, in photography, in graphics, in sound—and in all of these combined. We’ll be looking at new new storytelling technologies. Moreover, we’ll be collecting and critiquing stories from around the world and around the web, giving you pointers as to what works best and what doesn’t.

Storytelling and Creativity

As storytelling is all about creativity, we’ll be spending a lot of time discussing that as well.

There will be articles, essays and videos investigating the creative process and creative techniques. We’ll explore what creativity is and what it’s not. We’ll look into what blocks us from being as creative as we cold be, and ways to overcome it. At times we’ll also investigate organizational issues that inhibit companies from realizing their true creative potential.

Storytelling and Culture

Moreover, we’ll examine the effects of storytelling on our culture, and how our new hyper-paced culture affects the stories we tell, the way we tell them, and our own sense of ourselves.

Today’s World needs Smarter Storytelling

It goes without saying that we now live in a world awash in data and imagery. To give just one example, over 8 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every day.

This new world can be overwhelming, even paralyzing. The challenge for all of us, therefore, as individuals and as organizations, is to make sense of it all.

That’s where storytelling comes in.  Stories give us a sense of direction and a sense of security.  Stories are how we engage one another.  From humankind’s earliest days we’ve told stories in order to better understand who we are and where we live.

Today it’s more important than ever, and we hope we can do our part to help.