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Unifying Your Story Is Your Biggest Challenge.

Even in the simplest marketing environment, uncovering and communicating a unifying brand story is difficult. But today, with the explosion of media channels, the quantity of media with which you’re now competing and the velocity at which messages are being delivered, all of this makes the problem more challenging.  And the need for a coherent story more important.

“The challenge is to create unified and synchronized messaging.”

Matt Weiss
Global Chief CMO

“Very few companies have harnessed the power of narrative”

John Hagel
Co-Chairman | Center for the Edge

“It’s all about the story: Lead with a story. Sell with a story.”

Paul Smith
Consumer and Communications Research
Procter & Gamble

The Problem of Brand Entropy.

Brand Entropy is the natural tendency of brands to lose coherence over time, and across organizations and cultures. Only through a rigorous articulation of a brand strategy and brand story—in plain and simple language—do brands have a shot at maintaining their integrity throughout the enterprise, across channels and around the world.

Learn more about Brand Entropy here.

Making Sense Strategically.

The most important step in creating a unified brand story is defining your strategy clearly and simply. This is easier said than done. More often than not strategic documents are too broad in scope, or dangerously ambiguous. They offer a collection of strategies, rather than one. We can help you both broaden and simplify your strategic thinking, and articulate your strategic documents and creative briefs in a way that can help ensure coherence and avoid Brand Entropy.

Making Sense Creatively.


Assuming your strategy is clear and simply stated, the next hurdle is maintaning coherence creatively. In today’s world that means having a brand story that is unified across all media and channels, from television commercials to Facebook and Twitter posts. We can help you define your creative briefs in a way that give you the best chance at a unified brand narrative wherever your story appears. And, if you like, we can also help you evaluate the creative delivered by your agency, or even get create marketing materials for you ourselves.


Making Sense Globally.

Thanks to the internet, all marketing is now global marketing. This presents you with a serious strategic and creative challenge. For whereas in your own market you can get away with stylistic attributes that maintain brand unity, once your communicatations crosses borders, it needs to be driven not by style, but by a Unifying Idea that can be understood rationally across cultures. We discuss this at length in this article on Combatting Global Brand Entropy.

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