Brand Storytelling for Employee Engagement | Energizer

When Alan Hoskins assumed the role of President and CEO of Energizer’s Household Products Division, Energizer Holdings wanted to create a story that illustrated a number of its corporate values as well as Mr. Hoskins’ personal take on the company and his experience within it.

The video was created for use internally as well as a recruitment tool.

Hoskins speaks poignantly about his time at Energizer. “It’s all about opportunity,” he says at the opening of the film. He then goes on to discuss the pleasure he takes in working with his colleagues. “At Energizer,” he says, “you actually like the people you work with. We’re not some big conglomerate.”

He then goes on to explain how the company’s culture ties in with its values as a challenger brand.

“There’s a spirit¬†here that just can’t be put into words,” he notes towards the end of the story. “A spirit of ¬†‘do the right thing,” which is, as he concludes, “not only good for business but good for people.”