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Storytelling seminars and workshops.

Through our sister company, The Creative Organization, we offer unique storytelling seminars and workshops to help you improve your communications, storytelling, marketing, and creative skills.

What makes our storytelling seminars and workshops different is that they take a uniquely practical approach, informed by the knowledge of professionals who are called upon to create and develop stories in a variety of media, on a daily basis.

What’s more, each of our courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs, and are also available as one-on-one coaching either in-person or online.

The Strategic Storytelling Seminar and Workshop.

Conducted at organizations ranging from the U.S. Navy to Red Bull, this unique storytelling seminar and workshop explores the art and science of storytelling, placing a special emphasis on story structure. It is informed by the real-world experience of storytelling professionals an draws upon everything from the timeless lessons of Aristotle to the contemporary storytelling techniques employed by Hollywood and Madison Avenue.

Concepts are immediately put into practice as attendees create and present their own stories, with special attention paid to forward motion, unity, drama and resolution. They’ll leave with a better understanding of how to uncover the right story and tell it well in any medium, whether it’s a speech, an essay, a video or a Powerpoint™ presentation.

More seminars and workshops.

Professional Development Presentation Skills
Professional Development Presentation Skills
Professional Development Presentation Skills

Our New Online Video Course.

Sample from our online storytelling course.

Chapter 6: We’re wired to be storytellers
We just lauched an online video version of our acclaimed storytelling seminar and workshop. It consits of 33 video chapters covering storytelling principles, creative-problem solving techniques as they apply to storytelling, and presentation skills. There are exercises as well, so you can put what you learn immediately into practice. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to learn storytelling at their own pace and for companies that want to distribute a storytelling course throughout the enterprise.

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