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We periodically publish long-format investigations on a range of topics related to storytelling, marketing and culture. These cover issues of process, new technologies and new ways of thinking. Below you’ll find two of our latest white papers. The first explores what we mean by Brand Storytelling. The second helps to answer the question of what is meant by Design Thinking. You’ll find an excerpt from each of the papers and can download the full .pdf versions by entering your email in the fields indicated.

What is Brand Storytelling?

“There’s been considerable discussion in the last few years concerning storytelling in general and brand storytelling in particular.

Most of it revolves around the power of storytelling and what it promises, namely, engagement, retention and an emotional connection with the consumer.

We’re reminded that, as marketing anthropologist Clotaire Rapaille famously wrote, “People don’t drink the wine. They drink the story.”

There’s been little if no discussion, however, of what one actually means by a story, how a story is distinguished from other kinds of communication and what is its particular relationship to brands…”

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What is Design Thinking?

“In recent years there’s been a lot of interest among corporate executives in what is broadly called “Design Thinking.”

Harvard Business School is now even offering a course in Design Thinking, recognizing that it is fast becoming “a core competence of successful enterprises.”

Design Thinking, HBS continues, is “a powerful, holistic approach” that can aid in “reframing strategic challenges” and help to “shorten the creative leap to delivering innovative, winning solutions.”

What I’d like to provide here is a general overview of Design Thinking: what it is, how it’s different from other kinds of thinking, and how it can be used in the brand development process…”

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