Brand Storytelling and Motion Graphics | Omnicom Media Group

Omnicom is one of the largest and most prestigious media groups in the world.

Omnicom’s PHD division was engaged in a six month pitch for Unilever’s media-planning business. This required multiple presentations, many of which included brand storytelling videos that would showcase the company’s work.

We were tasked to develop a brand storytelling solution that would highlight the highly innovative and successful work PHD had planned over the years for Pepsico.

The key insight here was that Omnicom was not only creative in the use of all types of media, but that it’s creativity was effective.

So we built a story around the idea that “It’s only innovative if it works.”

The challenge here was to tell the story in one minute. Efficiency was everything.

So we employed motion graphics that featured a broad range of solutions Omnicom had developed for Pepsico across its many brands the world over.

The good news is that PHD won the prestigious Unilever account.